crystals and minerals

What do you do at the weekend?

Hand carved crystal angels
Crystal carved angels from small to large with lots of details
When we’re not busy wrapping and packing orders you can find us around the UK and at a couple of shows in Europe. It’s hard work when there’s 2 or more shows in a row. Always when events are booked you seem to overlook the work involved. There’s only so many weekends in a year!
 Our gemstone and crystal jewellery
our lovely crystal, mineral and gemstone jewellery
Sometimes you’re not sure of the layout and location of the stand, so our display is always different, small steps, large steps, rotating carousel with crystal and gem  set jewellery, shelves…then sometimes you forget to pack the display steps, carousel, or you’ve taken the stand cover out to clean. The biggest blunder would probably be leaving the display lighting behind.
Of course what’s on display also depends on the type of show and the exhibitors around you, is your neighbor doing a demonstration, probably best to keep your selection of fossils under the table if your neighbour has a huge display and just sells fossils. However you could be in the situation that an exhibitor thinks he should be the only one to sell a certain product. Then there’s the things you can’t plan for – a group of long lost friends decided the front of your stand is where they’ll spend the next hour catching up…A large handbag crushes the delicate Okenite crystal while your customer searches for their money, you had thought it was in a safe place.
A selection of crystal balls, amethyst geodes, aqua aura, symbol tumblestones
crystal balls, geodes, aqua aura, selenite lights
Nowadays we mostly just exhibit at mineral, crystal and gem shows and the odd craft event where we take our own jewellery creations and polished stone and carvings.
 But there was a time when you didn’t know who would be next to you, either a clairvoyant doing a psychic reading, massage therapist, chi machine, crystal bowl person, herb seller, spa mat bath insert distributor, magnetic product vendor…which did bring a few issues as you could imagine keen to draw peoples attention bowl playing would get louder, herbs set alight, samples thrust under the noses of visitors and if you were interested you might find yourself being demonstrated upon.
Quartz crystal balls, quartz geodes, double terminated points
Quartz crystal balls, quartz geodes, lasers and wands
Mostly we just say you’re welcome to pick anything up to examine further and enjoy pointing out new or rarer pieces. Often when you’re searching for something it can hide so sometimes it’s best to ask!
So now it’s Friday the diary is empty – what am I going to do this weekend…
Earthly Gems at a show
Earthly Gems on the road at a show hopefully near you!