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 From the start of this year we’ve been selling a lot more black tourmaline than normal.
Maybe something to do with the start of 2012!

Black tourmaline can be found in many locations around the world but notable pieces originate from Brazil and Madagascar.
Here’s a couple of chunkier pieces from Madagascar lovely quality and a lot bigger than normal.
It’s properties include being used to repel, filter and protect against negativity and ill wishes directed from another, carried to keep one above the gloominess that can lurk.Used with quartz it can energise the holder whilst being protective.
Also known as schorl black tourmaline can anchor and ground you whilst improving focus. The striations are said to help when working with engery flows.
It’s not as pretty as it close relatives, watermelon, rubellite, indicolite but definately one to have within reach.
Some yogic breathing with a couple of tourmaline pebbles at the end of a  taxing day can work wonders!

We’ve carefully chosen a universal size guide to avoid any (brand endorsements and confusion), please note no chocolate biscuits were consumed during this photographic session!

Have a handy tumblestone or pebble in your pocket!

black tourmaline pebble

Wear a black tourmaline necklace pendant