Rainbow Garnets

First discovered in 2004 these rare garnets are andradite garnet with an visual look thats pretty rare amongst the garnet family of minerals.

From near Osaka in Japan, although others have been found from Mexico although they appear slightly different coloured more base colour green than brown.

The lightly polished faces have an iridescent colour that can change when rotated, stunning.

lovely rainbow garnets from Japan

There be gold

I’m sure Im not alone with the urge to do a little prospecting now and then, I was lucky enough to have a go recently in Scotland, put to shame by my 7 yr old son who battled the wind, rain and water better than I did, unfortunately we didn’t find anything like this lovely gold nugget on quartz from South Africa, but perhaps next time…

Long Blue Kyanite

Take a look at the longest blue kyanite piece we’ve had to date, not only long big a gorgeous deep bright blue colour as well, from Pakistan. Predominately kyanite is found from Brazil and India, as with other minerals the locality is often apparent from the colour and size variation of the piece.