service interuption

Our shop is currently unavailable!

It’s the first time in 16 years of trading online we have had such a major problem.

Our current hosts have suffered technical issues relating to power & networks and the backup & continuity measures they have obviously aren’t enough to prevent downtime.

We can only apologise and ensure you that we’re looking at alternatives.

In the meantime have a look at this large English fluorite formation, I have large hands but it is big and my wrist is still recovering from holding/displaying it in one hand!


Enhydro Quartz

Back to ‘stone stuff’ a while ago from certain folk there was a huge demand for water trapped within quartz due to it’s alleged purity, occasionally we’d see a few but now after a little closer examination we have a batch available, here a couple of samples. Click on the pics to see larger images, we’ve but a red cross below the ‘bubble’. The bubbles on these two actually move when you turn the crystal side to side. Obviously water isn’t the only liquid that is captured inside quartz. Occasionally we have points with oil inside which fluoresces under UV light(if you’re looking to buy one of these from ‘a dealer’ note that if the label says petroleum the price maybe be higher than a comparable ‘oil’ one).



Google Shark Tooth Fossil Suspension Update

Well we had a call back as promised from a bemused Google person who had heard back from the

‘merchant product team’ and their decision stands, we can’t advertise a sharks tooth fossil because it’s from a ‘shark’ even though it’s a prehistoric relative of a shark extinct some 30+ million years ago.
Apparently it’s extinct but still endangered…
Disappointing from an educational perspective – a fossil being stone created after the original animal(part) has been replaced, the Oxford University of Natural History has an easily understandable description.
This does ask questions, who in Google merchant products team can link a fossil from an extinct animal to a modern day creature?

From an education perspective is that correct?

Does Google consider their customers to be intellectually challenged?

What shall we teach our children about fossils or indeed Google?

But in the end its disappointing that with Google being such a big monolith you can’t reach anyone with some practical sense who could make an informed decision.


Google Suspension Warning – for Fossil Teeth is it the end of Buying Fossils?


I know we fall a little behind on the marketing front and informing you of our news, but we do hope our quality ‘crystals and gem’ products and prices speak for themselves.

However we thought it important especially for fossil fans to know that Google sent us a 7 day warning yesterday for selling fossil sharks teeth(Striatolamia Macrota) in particular this lovely English sharks tooth fossil.

Horrified that we had received such an email especially because it quoted ‘Endangered Species

Presuming a little mis-understanding was at fault or perhaps automated scripts I called Google(Ireland) I spoke to a helpful chap explaining that the fossil tooth was probably between 33-66 million years old and was extinct 30+ million years ago, after a slight pause I was asked to hold, then I was told the issue would be passed to the Google products team, so now I’m awaiting a response hoping our account won’t be suspended and that fossil fans of all types whether collectors, interior designers, school children or history fans will still be able to explore natures wonders…





Ammolite Rings!

Lovely colours from these iridescent ammolite rings made with sterling silver, it’s all about the stones and look at these!

This one uniquely made with leather and with an open adjustable band.



Ammolite is actually a type of fossil and these wonderful colours range through reds, greens, blues, purples, absolutely stunning and quite rare.



Is it easier to find our tumblestones?

When you’ve been selling online for a few years(since 2000) sometimes
what seemed a good idea then may not be quite so good today…
We used to list our tumblestones
under ‘common’ and ‘harder to find’ and while that could still be the
case our ‘hard to find’ may not apply to customers in the country of
origin etc.
So we’ve now listed them alphabetically and by type so all the agate tumblestones are together under agate eg holly blue agate, tree agate & turitella agate, …all the types and size of amethyst tumblestones are under amethyst, We then have a section for other ‘A’ tumblestones.



Canadian Ammolites

This gorgeous material is from the fossil shells of  the ammonite families of Placenticeras meeki and Placenticeras intercalare. This organic gemstone is predominately comprised of Aragonite which has been preserved naturally. Under different conditions the aragonite would have changed to calcite. Only really commercially mined since 1979. Its an amazingly vibrant material which is still relatively new to the market.
Most valued pieces are those with vibrant colours, fragmented or skin like appearances are common. However we’re finding that they all look great!
We currently have silver ammolite jewellery and ammolite pieces, rough fragments and chunks are on their way!