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Which Blue is Lapis Blue

Say lapis lazuli and you wouldn’t be alone thinking of a royal blue colour perhaps with golden flecks, you don’t really recall the patches of white calcite but they’re there, most prized are the uniform rich blue colours with minimal calcite and pyrite.

Most of the Lazpis Lazuli available today is from Afghanistan, there’s a series of mines, mostly known by number ie. mine 1, mine 2, mine3

This lighter blue is known as ‘madina lapis’ lapis palmstones

Although fairly rare you do find lapis lazuli crystals

lapis lazuli crystal on calcite
nice grade natural lapis lazuli

However the range of colours from these mines can vary, (along with the price).

Often you see rough stone for sale that’s wet to give an indication of how the colour will appear with a polish, however if you’re choosing lapis the local miners blow on the stone to see how the moisture in their breath appears on the stone(inside tip!)

Latest Tourmalines

Tourmaline is pretty amazing, all colours of the rainbow, many names, a common triangular like formation, but say ‘tourmaline’ and most think of black sticks!

A lot of tourmaline has hidden colours, zoning and and bi colour areas, previously we showed a few from Staknala but these Himalayan crystals have some hidden blue green zoned colours.

can you see the colour change from black to green to blue

Summers Waning

Schools are back, holidays are fading memories and there’s a chill in the air, almost autumn…

Not sure whether its a thing but we’ve felt the ‘autumn cleaning’ urge, although often I feel like I’m always tidying & cleaning, which leads me into saying the ‘dusty’ Earthly Gems blog has made a return, cast from server to server and address, hidden, copied and ignored but now self hosted and here to stay. We’ve set up analytics so will be able to see if we’re writing anything that anyone will find interesting.

I don’t want to say it but its in the ether, how about a crystal for Christmas?

lapis lazuli palmstone
faden quartz set into a pendant
solid tiger eye gemstone ring
tourmaline spray of crystals

Smokey Quartz Phantom Point with Hematite Inclusions

Loving this smokey quartz polish point, not only is it great quality crystal it also has phantom and various other inclusions as well as some hematite, the more you study it the more you see and feel. The rough smokey quartz gets hand selected from Madagascar then cut and hand polished by skilled craftsmen.

Have put it away in stock so I don’t get too tempted!

smokey phantom included quartz point.

Address Move

You may have noticed our address has changed from Peterborough to Market Deeping, a tad safer to cycle from home and greener (in all senses of the word). Sorry we still no longer have a showroom you can visit, but that enables us to provide great quality crystals at great prices.

Sunderland Road, Market Deeping, Peterborough, PE6 8FD

A Little on crystal Healing

Crystal healing is one aspect of living a more holistic lifestyle, in brief, various crystals can be held, worn as jewellery or placed on or around a person, animal, plant, building or natural area.
Its a non invasive treatment which can aid general well being or treat a specific condition, subjective but perhaps most used in order to keep ‘balanced’.

Whilst over time various tests and experiments of crystal healing have been performed in order to dis-credit it, its use is steeped in history. How many prominent figures have been seen to wear large stone jewellery and carry objects encrusted in gemstones?
Whilst the boundaries of science are ever widening, perhaps the true effects of crystals are still lurking in the unknown…
But science can measure frequency, vibration and energy emanating from stone, especially when external forces are applied, the simple clock or watch has a quartz movement, struck together quartz can create a spark.
This energy vibration therefore must have a subtle impact on our own energy fields, adopted from an older civilisation the term chakra is commonly used today to refer to the different energy centres in the body, the main being root chakra, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown, there are other smaller chakras all around the body.
So taking a stone of a particular vibration and places it into the area of a chakra can have an effect on it.
Down at the local bookshop(if you have one) you’ll find several books on crystal healing from a variety of authors often with what appears contradictory information. You must consider with your own discernment which you feel appropriate or resonates with you, we’re all different so different crystals can have differing effects on different people, what some might consider a grounding stone others may have a different view.
Visiting a crystal healer and having a healing session maybe appropriate for you, or if you have a range of stones or crystal jewellery at home, perhaps you take a moment every morning and consider which would be the best stone or stones for you to carry around today, take that moment to quieten the world and hold the thought then decide.

I had a lovely rose quartz large inverted drop shape pendant gifted to me which I wore daily for quite some time, then for a few days in a row the cord can undone at it would slip from my neck, I managed to rescue it and tie it tighter then one day it fell and hit the pavement and damaged itself. Perhaps it was a way to say I didn’t need to wear it any longer.

Placing stones around the home in conjunction with cleansing can change the feel of the room, traditionally salt was also sprinkled around.

Crystal grids, the placement of quartz points and other stones should be tried, for example quartz points in the corners of a room, maybe with some rose quartz and perhaps a quartz cluster in the centre to help the energy flow, experiment to find what feels best, perhaps different in each room depending on the purpose. Once I visted a good friend and noticed a huge chunk of rose quartz in the shower. My neighbours think I have a couple of interesting brown rocks adjacent to my path but I know they’re jasper, in the garden I’ve several large chunks of rose quartz, amethyst and clear quartz, the plants seem happy!