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Are you a collector?

Are you a collector but havn’t realised it yet?
We all know crystals are available in different qualities? – sometimes we wonder why the price can differ a lot.
No doubt every now and then we see a deep coloured, particularly clear example which finds it’s way home with us to join it’s smaller, paler, less shapely family member!

eg. why is that tiny piece of rose quartz costing more than the chunk I purchased last week?

Well it’s a natural crystal formation and rose quartz crystal formations are fairly hard to find. This one has sceptre like points as well!

 Amethyst SceptreHere’s a lovely deep colour amethyst sceptre, small but lovely colour from Madagascar, have you seen the ones from ‘Crystal Park’ Montana or Brazil, so you can see how you can find yourself on the lookout for a nice display case!
Other unusual crystals appearing this month include:
 yellow tourmaline
Crystals not your thing how about a nice large ruby pendant or peridot cabochon to make your own!
 Ruby pendantPeridot cabochon