Ammolite Rings!

Lovely colours from these iridescent ammolite rings made with sterling silver, it’s all about the stones and look at these!

This one uniquely made with leather and with an open adjustable band.



Ammolite is actually a type of fossil and these wonderful colours range through reds, greens, blues, purples, absolutely stunning and quite rare.



Canadian Ammolites

This gorgeous material is from the fossil shells of  the ammonite families of Placenticeras meeki and Placenticeras intercalare. This organic gemstone is predominately comprised of Aragonite which has been preserved naturally. Under different conditions the aragonite would have changed to calcite. Only really commercially mined since 1979. Its an amazingly vibrant material which is still relatively new to the market.
Most valued pieces are those with vibrant colours, fragmented or skin like appearances are common. However we’re finding that they all look great!
We currently have silver ammolite jewellery and ammolite pieces, rough fragments and chunks are on their way!


Jewellery Designing!

Might have been a little quiet of late, but there’s always something going on, after being hidden in the workshop for a while, I have produced a few organic style silver settings for some gemstones lying around.

Here’s a favourite, gorgeous ammolite from Canada,  now in a chunky organic style silver pendant.

Another one on my current popular list of crystals is velvert sheen obsidian, you have to catch it in the light for the ‘stone’ to reveal it’s true beauty, different colours and swirls. Notice the setting less random with a satin finish. This is a natural volcanic glass, each one unique.

Another obsidian here with more subtle setting, well sort of!

So do you like them, or should I retreat to the workshop and meditate for more inspiration?