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Seasonal Greetings 2008!

We’d like to say a BIG THANK_YOU to you our valued customers over the internet, on the high street and at various shows and events we attend throughout the year.
We hope you have a lovely, relaxing and jolly Christmas and a rewarding New Year!
Now’s good to take time to review the year about to pass and plan for the year in front, not all dreams manifest in ways we expect but there’s rewarding challenges out there for us all! Don’t forget we offer free postage for orders over £18 and we ship every working day and Saturdays, orders arriving before 3pm normally ship the same day. We also hold all the stock shown in our shops and storage facilities, no drop shipping or last minute ordering systems are used.We also show images of the exact item, with the exception of tumblestones, books, magazines etc. and where stated.

2009 as always we shall be expanding the ranges of crystal and minerals, we’ll also have more gemstones for jewellery makers so whether you are a budding silversmith or goldsmith or have found a new pastime have a look find a unique gem and create your own masterpiece!

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Guaranteed a Change

The only certain thing that we know is that everything changes and it’s best to move with them!

Well we’re always trying to give customers a better experience when shopping online as part of our continued development program we’ve made a few changes, have a look and see if you like the way Earthly Gems online is evolving – let us know!

We have added a postcode lookup so when you checkout you don’t have to type your address in, we’re also sending you parcel tracking numbers when we ship your goods!

Also the equipment we use to take our pictures of the stock is evolving, so we hope you notice that the photos are showing more detail.

crystal mineral crystal mineral seller observations crystals and minerals

New Stock Available at Earthly Gems 3rd week in July

Well just arrived for this week not only have we restocked the Earthly Gems range of incense we have also added a new Angel Scent incense range with naturally blended fragrances with varieties such as Guardian Angel, Purifying, Angel Luck, Angel Protection and Angel Luck.
There’s also some discounts to be had if you buy a few packs!

Also just in from lovely Brazilian clear quartz crystal balls excellent for scrying and other crystal healing pursuits.

From Peru we have lovely polished freeforms of chrysocolla, ideal shapes for meditation and just to hold.

As always more lovely crystals and goodies are on their way!