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Google Shark Tooth Fossil Suspension Update

Well we had a call back as promised from a bemused Google person who had heard back from the

‘merchant product team’ and their decision stands, we can’t advertise a sharks tooth fossil because it’s from a ‘shark’ even though it’s a prehistoric relative of a shark extinct some 30+ million years ago.
Apparently it’s extinct but still endangered…
Disappointing from an educational perspective – a fossil being stone created after the original animal(part) has been replaced, the Oxford University of Natural History has an easily understandable description.
This does ask questions, who in Google merchant products team can link a fossil from an extinct animal to a modern day creature?

From an education perspective is that correct?

Does Google consider their customers to be intellectually challenged?

What shall we teach our children about fossils or indeed Google?

But in the end its disappointing that with Google being such a big monolith you can’t reach anyone with some practical sense who could make an informed decision.