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The Workshop

Ever wondered how a chunk of rock ends up as a polished stone or cabochon perhaps set into a sparkling piece of jewellery?
Well there’s an awful lot of equipment and work involved. We’re going to give you a regular insight into what happens in the workshop!
Recently we managed to purchase a saw, not just any old saw but one used for cutting small slabs of stone. These things are fairly rare in the UK, sometimes difficult to find and can be an investment. Ours is a preloved model and we’re still waiting for this one to arrive.
We have other saws but they’re just not up to the job, perhaps that’s a little unfair, sometimes you have to have the exact tool for the job.
But waking up the ‘inner craftsman’ what if you could find the stone, cut it and create that jewellery masterpiece you’ve always wanted!
The Rock n Gem Magazine always has an article or two on the art of Lapidary, reading up, watching, joining a local club are highly recommended for any budding stone cutter.