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Ammolite Rings!

Lovely colours from these iridescent ammolite rings made with sterling silver, it’s all about the stones and look at these!

This one uniquely made with leather and with an open adjustable band.



Ammolite is actually a type of fossil and these wonderful colours range through reds, greens, blues, purples, absolutely stunning and quite rare.



crystal mineral gemstone jewellery crystals and minerals

Bespoke Designs

What do you look for in a piece of gemstone jewellery?
Presumably you’re focusing on the gemstone or crystal, it needs to be prominent and usually the centre piece of the design.
if you can’t find ‘the’ piece what are your options?
Perhaps consider purchasing the gemstone then having the piece of jewellery made could be the answer, with modern jewellery making techniques the cost could be less than you think, especially if you’re looking for an important piece such as an engagement ring.

platinium diamond ring

Recently we created this diamond platinum engagement for a customer from a design diagram they sent to us.

Browsing gemstones online is very easy and is a handy way to compare styles, cuts & colours of gems.

But remember being cost conscious there are alternatives, consider white sapphires instead of diamonds, spinel instead of ruby, green tourmalines or peridot instead of emeralds, citrine, fluorite, garnet, topaz all nice colour gems that are available at most budgets. Perhaps several smaller stones rather than one larger or perhaps a larger centre stone of tourmaline or a lower grade sapphire or aquamarine with high grade accent stones, the possibilities are many!

Remember that gemstones do increase in value, combined with precious metals, gold, platinum and even silver in the current economic climate they can become a reliable investment.

crystal mineral gemstone jewellery

Jewellery Designing!

Might have been a little quiet of late, but there’s always something going on, after being hidden in the workshop for a while, I have produced a few organic style silver settings for some gemstones lying around.

Here’s a favourite, gorgeous ammolite from Canada,  now in a chunky organic style silver pendant.

Another one on my current popular list of crystals is velvert sheen obsidian, you have to catch it in the light for the ‘stone’ to reveal it’s true beauty, different colours and swirls. Notice the setting less random with a satin finish. This is a natural volcanic glass, each one unique.

Another obsidian here with more subtle setting, well sort of!

So do you like them, or should I retreat to the workshop and meditate for more inspiration?