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What you can find in quartz

It’s always a wonder what you can find in quartz, just this week we have a beautiful rainbow inclusion within this quartz crystal ball.





    Hematite with quartz producing a vivid red orange colour.







Actinolite within this quartz pebble from Madagascar

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Mala Beads

Tibetan bone mala

Recently we’ve managed to restock with mala beads. As you’re probably aware many faiths use mala’s or a similar style of prayer bead.
Having used them in the type of yoga I practise(Kundalini Yoga) I can share with you my experiences.
Although most malas are recognised by their 108 beads with a single often 3 way bead(guru bead) at the bottom and a tassle(which represents the petals of a lotus) malas can be divisible by 108 so 54, 27 are also used.
Occasionally you may also see a mala rings.

A mala can be used in either hand, lots of people use the thumb to move each bead reciting a mantra or prayer, the mantras can be said in part or full with the turn of the bead depending on the mantra.

middle finger meridian – patience

Each finger on the hand represents a planet, a part of the brain and a physical or emotional system. So if you are working on yourself you may want to ensure the beads pass the meridian of the require finger.
Index finger is for knowledge, prosperity and Jupiter
Middle finger for patience and Saturn
Ring finger health, energy, nervous system and the Sun
Little finger intellect, communication skills and Mercury

snow white quartz mala

A mala can be created from many materials, wood malas our favourite are a sandalwood mala where you can catch a faint fragrance of sandalwood when you meditate. Seed mala with lotus seeds or Rudhraksha.

 There are many types of gemstone mala, clear quartz crystal mala, amethyst,  black agate, jasper, carnelian or even perhaps a custom combination of different gems or perhaps quartz with rudhraksha.

Don’t forget all materials have properties which will help so take care of your mala keep it safe when you’re not using it. Or perhaps wear it around your neck or wrist to keep it with you ready for an impromptu meditation.

The important thing is to meditate regularly so whichever system or method you choose to follow- just be!

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Quartz Chandelier

Thought you might like to see this, rummaging through the shelves in order to satisfy the ‘authorities’ with the current stock figures and keep the accountants happy, I re-discovered this lovely piece of quartz which had been faceted for a demonstration chandelier. I though it would make an excellent hanging quartz because of it’s clarity and quality!
Or if you fancy a heavy centrepiece for a jewellery design, only found 1 of these unique quartz designs so far!