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Make Market Deeping Green

A local campaign which in essence is a great initiative but having attended a meeting currently seems a little preoccupied with the issues of plastic bags!
Our last invite was not by email but by letter containing 2 A4 pages printed only on 1 side, a shame we can all do more!
A local venue posted an invoice to us for a recent workshop we held there, we probably share the same postbox literally seconds from our front doors, we can all do more!
We’ve been using paper bags for a long time, however aware that they take energy to make transport and are heavy have been looking at alternatives, hemp, cotton, potato starch etc. Unfortunately mostly only available from over sea’s and at quantities that would take up too much valuable space!
We had hoped that everyone would club together and not only have a sustainable bag but one which would promote local business as well!
Anyway for now what we have is a sustainable cotton bag(with no advertising!) available for purchase at £2.50 or free if you buy something big and heavy from the shop and a plastic bag but 100% degradable!

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