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The Apostles of the New Age Saturday 23rd August with Edwin Courtenay

Here is a brief outline of the workshop:-

The Apostles were those chosen by the Master Jesus and the Christ to carry on the work and ministry of the mystery teachings of Christianity. Initiated into these deep truths and gifted with the descent of the Holy Spirit they journeyed out into the world planting the seeds of truth that would ultimately contribute to the return of the golden age and the ascension of humanity and the planet. Now as we approach the prophesied time of 2012 we are being asked to become the Apostles of the New Age, spiritual warriors, teachers, healers and guides readied to help with the awakening consciousness of mankind and lead the world into its new tomorrow.

Through this workshop under the overlighting presence of the Christ, the Master Jesus and his Apostles, we will be greatly awoken to the truth of our unique spiritual destiny and given the power and the direction to get the work done! The Christ Light within all present will be further awoken to its highest degree and each person saturated on a molecular level in the enlivening force of the Holy Spirit.
The Masters will perform a powerful spiritual initiation aligning us to the paths of light and reminding us of the spiritual codes and practices that will guide us and provide all with a simple, practical code that can be applied in all walks of life. This workshop promises to be a rededication for some and a rebirth for others, packed full of meditations, channellings, exercises and initiations. A truly experiential day of bliss and light, leading us back to the comforting arms of the Divine.

Duration 10am – 5pm. The venue will be at the community centre in Market Deeping, places are limited and can only be reserved by deposit or payment in advance. Total cost £42
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