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What Do Yo Do With A Sack Full Of Boulder Opal

Well apart from working on your ‘beach art’ skills you might think that you’ve lost quite a bit of money and gain a pile of iron stone. That’s probably what passed through my mind years ago when I acquired my first shipment of boulder opal.

However perhaps being a little wiser I know that unless we’re really unlucky there will be some hidden gems. I do mean hidden and they won’t show themselves without a bit of hard work.

As you can see there’s some mineral wonders hidden below the surface of dust, mud and grim!
Some of these amazing pieces will lend themselve to being carved for unique pendants but that’s another story and a few more hours of hard work with some gem carving tools, however I’d say have a go because the results are amazing and the satisfaction of producing your own unique pendant is well worthwhile!

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