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What’s Popular & Free Shipping for orders over…

Well we’ve had lot’s of azurite sales earlier this year, now fossil, petrified wood seems to be in demand, also crystal balls, we like to keep a good range of spheres in stock and are big crystal ball fans.
Here’s a lovely orbicular jasper ball that everyone here keeps commenting on, it has a lovely range of colour.

Ever popular clear quartz crystal balls, we’ve noticed an increase in the number of glass balls being advertised even with mineral names so beware when shopping for a crystal ball, real clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz and other minerals are cool to the touch, heavy and may have some inclusions which create lovely rainbow colours(mostly quartz family).
Also on the market are synthesised quartz balls often the weight can vary and tiny bubble like inclusions can be seen.

So be careful sometime the sellers aren’t particularly knowledgeable on their product ranges.

Here’s a beautiful rutilated smokey quartz from Brazil, fine titanium ‘strands’ (also known as angel hair)growing in the quartz create a firework like effect when held to the light.

Rarer still are these small but lovely star ruby spheres, technically called an asterism, the light reflecting from the surface creates a 6 way star effect. Normally these stones are selected for jewellery making and never seen in a sphere.

Changes: We’re going to keep our ‘free shipping over..’ option but have raised the threshold to £25, this will change tomorrow at approx. 10am(22nd May)

We’ve also added another postage option  for orders qualifying for free shipping an upgrade to 1st class post for £1.50 ideal if you need it quickly or just can’t wait!
Just select the required shipping service during checkout.

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