crystals and minerals

Angels Flying In!


We’ve just had our last batch of Angels arrive for 2010, carved from Peruvian minerals by a talented craftsmen, the detail is stunning. Carved in selenite, opal, calcite, angelite, obsidian, fluorite, rhodocrosite, turquoise.

This large white aragonite angel certainly makes an impressive centrepiece for any meditation area or therapy room.

Whilst many of the angel carvings from workshops in Brazil don’t normally have as much detail, we managed to acquire a couple of lovely angels in Rose and Clear Quartz which have incredible wings.

Brazilian clear quartz carved angel, look at the amazing detail on the wings!

Nice Rose Quartz angel carving!

There’s lots of other news crystals appearing online everyday!

Including the final batch of Rose Quartz Goddess statues, ideal with a place for an offering, herb or stone.