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What Do Yo Do With A Sack Full Of Boulder Opal

Well apart from working on your ‘beach art’ skills you might think that you’ve lost quite a bit of money and gain a pile of iron stone. That’s probably what passed through my mind years ago when I acquired my first shipment of boulder opal.

However perhaps being a little wiser I know that unless we’re really unlucky there will be some hidden gems. I do mean hidden and they won’t show themselves without a bit of hard work.

As you can see there’s some mineral wonders hidden below the surface of dust, mud and grim!
Some of these amazing pieces will lend themselve to being carved for unique pendants but that’s another story and a few more hours of hard work with some gem carving tools, however I’d say have a go because the results are amazing and the satisfaction of producing your own unique pendant is well worthwhile!

crystal mineral crystal mineral seller observations

The Workshop

Ever wondered how a chunk of rock ends up as a polished stone or cabochon perhaps set into a sparkling piece of jewellery?
Well there’s an awful lot of equipment and work involved. We’re going to give you a regular insight into what happens in the workshop!
Recently we managed to purchase a saw, not just any old saw but one used for cutting small slabs of stone. These things are fairly rare in the UK, sometimes difficult to find and can be an investment. Ours is a preloved model and we’re still waiting for this one to arrive.
We have other saws but they’re just not up to the job, perhaps that’s a little unfair, sometimes you have to have the exact tool for the job.
But waking up the ‘inner craftsman’ what if you could find the stone, cut it and create that jewellery masterpiece you’ve always wanted!
The Rock n Gem Magazine always has an article or two on the art of Lapidary, reading up, watching, joining a local club are highly recommended for any budding stone cutter.

crystal mineral crystal mineral seller observations crystals and minerals

Quartz Chandelier

Thought you might like to see this, rummaging through the shelves in order to satisfy the ‘authorities’ with the current stock figures and keep the accountants happy, I re-discovered this lovely piece of quartz which had been faceted for a demonstration chandelier. I though it would make an excellent hanging quartz because of it’s clarity and quality!
Or if you fancy a heavy centrepiece for a jewellery design, only found 1 of these unique quartz designs so far!

crystal mineral crystal mineral seller observations

Incense Delivery

For all those incense fan we’ve just replenished our stocks!
You might know that we take great care in sourcing our goods, the incense we stock are traditionally made with herbs, spices, plant extracts, natural resins and gums. All are vegetable based and have a long burning time. There’s NO animal fats here!
View our hande made massala incense ranges

Buying Tips:
Check it’s lumpy then you’ll know it’s probably hand blended with quality ingredients.
Quality incense is always wrapped to prevent drying out.
You can’t smell the wonderful fragrance until it’s alight!
Watch out for scented packaging…

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Guaranteed a Change

The only certain thing that we know is that everything changes and it’s best to move with them!

Well we’re always trying to give customers a better experience when shopping online as part of our continued development program we’ve made a few changes, have a look and see if you like the way Earthly Gems online is evolving – let us know!

We have added a postcode lookup so when you checkout you don’t have to type your address in, we’re also sending you parcel tracking numbers when we ship your goods!

Also the equipment we use to take our pictures of the stock is evolving, so we hope you notice that the photos are showing more detail.

crystal mineral crystal mineral seller observations crystals and minerals

New Stock Available at Earthly Gems 3rd week in July

Well just arrived for this week not only have we restocked the Earthly Gems range of incense we have also added a new Angel Scent incense range with naturally blended fragrances with varieties such as Guardian Angel, Purifying, Angel Luck, Angel Protection and Angel Luck.
There’s also some discounts to be had if you buy a few packs!

Also just in from lovely Brazilian clear quartz crystal balls excellent for scrying and other crystal healing pursuits.

From Peru we have lovely polished freeforms of chrysocolla, ideal shapes for meditation and just to hold.

As always more lovely crystals and goodies are on their way!

crystal mineral crystal mineral seller observations website admin updates

Make Market Deeping Green

A local campaign which in essence is a great initiative but having attended a meeting currently seems a little preoccupied with the issues of plastic bags!
Our last invite was not by email but by letter containing 2 A4 pages printed only on 1 side, a shame we can all do more!
A local venue posted an invoice to us for a recent workshop we held there, we probably share the same postbox literally seconds from our front doors, we can all do more!
We’ve been using paper bags for a long time, however aware that they take energy to make transport and are heavy have been looking at alternatives, hemp, cotton, potato starch etc. Unfortunately mostly only available from over sea’s and at quantities that would take up too much valuable space!
We had hoped that everyone would club together and not only have a sustainable bag but one which would promote local business as well!
Anyway for now what we have is a sustainable cotton bag(with no advertising!) available for purchase at £2.50 or free if you buy something big and heavy from the shop and a plastic bag but 100% degradable!
crystal mineral crystal mineral seller observations website admin updates


Not really the colour but the environmental thoughts feelings and considerations, we like to think we’re always trying to do our little bit, this blog is actually hosted on servers from a company that uses solely wind, water and solar energy for creating it’s power. So it’s definately worth mentioning and hopefully adds to our efforts!